2014 GUKPT Goliath Main Event first prize goes to Ryan Foster

The 2014 GUKPT Goliath Main Event usually keeps British players at the edge of their seats, because this is the most popular tournament to take place in the islands. Given the proximity to Spain where the European Poker Tour hosted the Barcelona series, many of the poker professionals who attended the EPT were present here. The vast majority of participants were local players attracted by the fact that the buy-in was not prohibitive, as they only had to pay £100+£20.

goingforgoldThis explains why so many players were willing to sit down at the tables for a tournament that would last for a couple of days. After the last player registered, the organizers announced that there were a total of 3394 players competing for a top prize of £62,120. There was a surge of online poker players who left the comfort of their home to experience the thrills of a live tournament, something that doesn’t happen too often as those who play over the Internet are conservative players.

Some of them bought in for the tournament on the premises, but there were some who won the packages winning qualifiers over the Internet. The bottom line, is that they all had the same chance to win the trophy and those who survived the first three days, were in a great position of fighting for the top prize. Mark Adams was the chip leader at the end of the first day, but he was overtook by Hamed Nikjeh who outshined more opponents in the second day, therefore found himself riding a bigger stack.

In the long run, Mark Adams felt much better and he took full advantage of his stack, to make the final table and play the heads-up against Ryan Foster. By comparison, the Day 2 chip leader lost most of his chips and he was eliminated before the name of the last nine players were revealed. Interesting enough, he lost the vast majority of his chips to Foster, who marched on playing some of the most aggressive poker seen at the 2014 GUKPT Goliath Main Event.

The final table was decided three hours after the final day began, with Ryan Foster and Mark Adams dominating the nine finalists. Each of them caused the elimination of three opponents and brought equal stacks at the heads-up, which explains why it took so long for a winner to be decided. Adams got unlucky on two occasions and he found it impossible to dig himself out of the hole, which resulted in him finishing second and claiming a prize of £40,700.

Ryan want 22,000 more and was crowned champion of the 2014 GUKPT Goliath Main Event, with the complete standings being available below:

Place Player Prize
1 Ryan Foster £62,120
2 Mark Adams £40,700
3 Neville Price £27,140
4 Arjun Ruparel £18,990
5 Rodrigo Hernandez £13,570
6 Mihaly Jancso £8,820
7 Adam Nice £5,430
8 Phil Stein £3,390
9 Liam Horton £2,710

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