Cris Statz talks about poker tells in new book

pokertellsThe very prospect of reading a poker book can be daunting for those who don’t have a lot of time and the idea of paying for an expensive title sometimes acts as a deterrent. This is what makes Cris Statz’s proposition a bit difficult to take in, but there are plenty of reasons for purchasing his latest book. It can be found at and those who are even remotely familiar with the author will find the subject interesting and the investment worth making.

Just as the name suggests, Cris is trying to help players identify genuine poker tells and use them to their advantage. This is something that poker players would’ve killed for a few decades ago, when the proverbial poker face was held in high regard and everyone was interested in identifying tells. Nowadays when the action has shifted to the online environment, these elements are far less important and that’s why fewer players are willing to undertake comprehensive research on this topic.

Regarding the websites that provide free content, players have mixed feelings because not all of the information is reliable or written by professionals. On the bright side, those who pay for Cris Statz’s latest book can rest assured that the information available in “The Only 25 Poker Tells You Need to Know – Poker Strategy Pros: Spot and Exploit Poker Tells” can be put to good use right away. It is equally helpful for amateurs and experienced players, as it uses a reader-friendly, easy to comprehend language.

Those who play over the Internet will have fewer benefits resulting from reading the book, but it can still be a pleasant reading. Some can find it to be a nice diversion from the action-packed tables and the perfect remedy for those pesky downswings that kill the mood for poker. Given the fact that the book talks about no more than 25 poker tells, it is only fair to say that it is fairly thick and there is plenty of information inside its covers worth exploring.

A career in poker is one that demands constant research and those who are unwilling to commit themselves to this kind of endeavor probably made the wrong choice. Reading poker books is just one of the things that can be done to hone your skills and become more competitive at the tables, with Cris Statz’s recent release being a great addition to any library.

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