Grzegorz Mikielewicz and distractions in poker

The moment you sit down at the poker table, you need to be fully committed at the task at hand, otherwise downswings will be unavoidable. This is something that any poker professional can confirm, but most of the amateurs are now fully aware of the truth of the statement. This is why it is surprising to hear Grzegorz Mikielewicz who has a reputation among poker players, saying that distractions are not that bad.Grzegorz Mikielewicz

Before jumping to conclusions and assume that it is just fine to browse the Internet while playing poker against better opponents, hear him out. He spent so much time competing against some of the best players worldwide, that he can be trusted when he says that distractions can have a minimal effect on the gameplay itself. The trick is to select those activities that don’t demand your total attention, such as surfing the Internet, listen to music or watching a sports match on an alternate monitor.

Mikielewicz reminds fellow players that it is preferable to focus at a single thing, so unless you feel well within your comfort zone when playing poker, distractions should be avoided. As for himself, a person who masters the game and is now in complete control when at the tables, it is perfectly fine to listen to his favorite tunes or watch something on TV. On the other hand, when things get tough and he plays big hands, he has the uncanny ability of blocking out any information coming from other channels.

That’s why, those who plan on diversifying their poker activities, should start by doing something casual while playing at the single table. The more poker tables you have open, the more difficult it would be to stay focused and many find it impossible to play at the same level when something runs in the background. His advice is not written in stone and it is up to each player to decide for himself, but this is an interesting diversion coming from a poker professional who won hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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