Jeff Madsen wins HPT Californian State Poker Championship

The hottest poker action will unfold in Las Vegas, where the World Series of Poker is set to begin and a major tournament already took place in Nevada. Even though it goes by the name of the HPT Californian State Poker Championship, the event was actually held in Sin City and the winner was no walk in the park for Jeff Madsen. This is one of the most persevering poker professionals and also one of the most active in 2014, having played in numerous live events.

He didn’t let the fact that WSOP 2014 is about to begin have a deterring effect on his determination to participate and joined the other 583 players at the start line. The prize pool exceeded $900,000 and the players who chose to attend the event spent exactly $1650, a more than reasonable amount. The top prize was set to exceed $160,000 and it is not easy for Madsen to outstrip his competitors in every imaginable way. He showed a great deal of resilience in overcoming a string of unfortunate events early in the day.

goingforgolJeff basically lost plenty of big hands when he started with the best cards, but all the bad luck in the world couldn’t stop him in his tracks. Time after time, he rebuilt his bankroll from scratch and in the end he made the final table with just enough chips in front of him to stand a chance. Once again he was on the ropes but he didn’t act as a short stacker who desperately tried to simply leapfrog the next player.

Madsen took his faith in his own hands and whenever he had an opportunity to shove his chips in the middle with a coin flip hand, he did it. Fortunately for him, Lady Luck smiled benevolently upon him and he doubled up three times, to make three handed play and then also eliminated Amit Makhija. The stage was set for an epic confrontation in the heads up with Alex Greenblatt, but by this time, Jeff was clearly in control with twice as many chips as his opponent.

It is definitely refreshing for him to know that he had the bigger stack and he was also the more experienced player, with these key advantages leading to a swift conclusion. Jeff Madsen won it all in exactly 14 hands and Alex had to settle for a six digit amount, as can be seen below:

  1. Jeff Madsen – $160,060
  2. Alex Greenblatt – $112,200
  3. Amit Makhija – $72,150
  4. Doug Lee – $53,430
  5. Luther Quach – $40,050
  6. Brett Murray – $32,090
  7. Jasmin Oh – $26,760
  8. Wes Nally – $21,340
  9. Steve Ayoub – $16,000

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