The perks of running the board twice

High-stakes games are special for obvious reasons and those who spend most of the time competing for pocket money are affected by this highly immersive show. Professionals play flamboyant poker when they are in front of the cameras and they use all the weapons in their impressive arsenal to prevail. There are many things to learn from watching these pros going head to head, yet not all of these tricks are worth trying at regular tables.


You need to have the proper crowd to employ complicated moves and those who try to follow the same strategies used by professionals at low stakes, are in danger of becoming the victim of auto-leveling. Some of the plays we see at high-stakes games look great on TV, but the question is whether it makes any sense to replicate them in real life. Running the board twice is a shining example of how poker pros choose to protect themselves against risks, when they are slight favorites to win the hand.

There are exceptions when the player who is completely in charge and has chances as high as 85% to win suggests such an arrangement, but these occasions are relatively rare. What actually happens is that the dealer reveals the remaining street and then deals a new one. If one players wins both times he will collect the entire pot, otherwise the amount is evenly distributed among the players involved.

The odds look great on paper when you have a monster hand, but there have been many instances in which the underdog prevailed. If players compete for a lot of money, they might like the idea of hedging against such risks, even if that slightly diminishes their chances of winning big. For the player who is drawing, it is also profitable to see more cards, because these improve his chances of making a strong hand. In fact, he benefits more from this arrangement and it makes perfect sense to accept the proposal.

It is only possible to run the board twice at cash game tables, so don’t assume that you can ask for it when playing in a tournament. These events are supposed to crown a winner and everyone tries to double up at some point, so running the board several times would defeat the purpose. At low and medium stakes, there is no reason to do it either, since the size of the pot is hardly intimidating. Most of those who fear the possibility of losing the pot would be better off moving to the inferior limit to play in bankroll.

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