Poker is a game that has gone from being a game associated with dark clubs and seady back alley casinos to becoming a house hold game and according to many a sport in its own right. The best players are today big stars that earns millions each year. This is in no small part due to the development of online poker and the popularity online poker has achieved. Online poker is today one of the most popular card game in the world if not the most popular game of all.

There has been a lot of different types of poker developed over the years. The one thing they all have in common is that they are played with playing cards and that the player battle over a pot that all participating players contribute to and that is given to the winner.

The most popular of the poker games are the hold-em games and especially Texas hold-em. Often referred to as the Cadillac of poker. Texas hold-em and all other hold-em games are played with open communal cards that all players can use in their hands and hole cards that are individual to each player and not divulged until the showdown. The number of hole cards differ between different hold-em games. In Texas hold-em two hole cards are used while you get 4 hole card in Omaha of which you must use two in your hand. In Texas hold-em you can use as many or few of the hole cards as you want. If the best 5 card hand you can create is the 5 communal cards than you do not need to use any hole cards in Texas hold-em while you in Omaha would need to use two hole cards and 3 communal cards. The world championships of poker, the WSOP (world series of poker) main event, is a Texas hold-em competition.

Other popular poker games include draw poker and stud poker games. Less popular but common games include badugi poker and hi/low poker games.

Poker is a game that is as much about psychology as it I about having the best cards. It is in not a game of luck because although luck will affect the individual hands skill will have a bigger affect over time. It is a reason that you will see the top players in the world on top of score boards at at the final tables in tournaments all of the time. The biggest reason for this is that you do not need the best hand in to win in poker if your opponents fold. This means that players that might have better card than you can be made to fold if you convince them that your hand is best. It is also a game about bank roll management where you want as much money as possible in the hands you win and as little as possible in the hands you loose.

Anyone who wants to become a successful poker player should try to learn as much as possible about poker, There are plenty of books on how to play winning poker as well as online guides. Nothing will however beat experience so you will need to play as well as read to become a successful player.

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