PPC North America Championship Main Event title secured by Nick Mann

One of the last important tournaments hosted in the United States is the PPC North America Championship Main Event. This explains why so many Americans decided to take advantage of this final opportunity to play in a prominent tournament, before action shifts to Europe. The winner was guaranteed to take home more than $40,000, which is not a lot of money by WSOP standards, but still a nice paycheck for a land-based tournament.goingforgold

Nick Mann was one of the players who found it worthwhile to pay the buy-in and his success received ample coverage at http://www.mbp.com/en-us/news-other-event/879.html. There were a couple of players from abroad who decided to expand their stay in the United States to participate in this competition, but the vast majority of players were Americans. Nick played against many countrymen, but he didn’t falter and at the end of the day, he was the only man standing.

His victory in the PPC North America Championship Main Event has a two-pronged effect, because on one hand he won nearly $45,000, on the other he will have a free entry for the PPC Aruba World Championship. This tournament is scheduled for next year in March, which means that there is plenty of time for Nick to further boost his bankroll in brick-and-mortar casinos or online.

Danny Lobato came painfully close of winning the top prize and the free entry to the aforementioned tournament, but he was clearly outplayed in the heads up. He received $27,000 for his effort, while the other seven players who made the final table were paid according to the list below:

  1. Nick Mann – $44,757
  2. Danny Lobato – $27,658
  3. Michael Baize – $20,210
  4. Julio Orhuela – $15,006
  5. Parry Shaw – $11,315
  6. Stan Trim – $8,660
  7. Buzz Papalia – $6,726
  8. Alec Bradlow – $5,298

Ronald Widman – $4,232

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