Rosters announced for the 2015 Global Poker Masters

Poker is generally an individual game and players are always on their own when they sit down at the tables. Money is the catalyst and it provides the motivation they need to spend long hours competing against their peers, but sometimes they are provided with another incentive to persevere. Playing for their countries is not something that they get to do on 2015, the Global Poker Masters is going to bring the best players from all over the world together.Rosters announced for the 2015 Global Poker Masters

This competition is a novelty but there were discussions to set it up many months ago and it is now official that if you start on March 21 and will conclude one day later. The location for the event was also decided and the competition will take place in Malta and Hilton hotel, featuring players from all the countries that are representative for online poker. This is not the kind of competition that is open to anyone interested, because only those who receive an invitation can sit down at the tournament tables.

GPM will decide who plays here and they had a hard time making a list of players that are worth competing in such an important tournament. The idea was to bring the best poker players from different countries, so that their fans will have something to cheer for. Players will not compete for money but rather for fame and the opportunity of having their country stand out from the crowd.

At least in theory, the absence of a significant paycheck might have a deterring effect on poker players, but this is not exactly true. They are so used on playing on a lot of money, that this is hardly a single to keep them at the edge of their seats. On the other hand, this is a one-time opportunity of achieving something memorable and nobody wants to that down millions of fans.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of those invited to participate in the 2015 GPM competition are poker professionals that are well known by the community. The national team rosters have been announced and a total of 32 players are now preparing for the upcoming event, while the players can check their names out in the groups listed below:

Team USA Team United Kingdom Team Germany Team Canada
Dan Smith Stephen Chidwick Ole Schemion Ami Barer
Daniel Colman Jack Salter Marvin Rettenmaier Sorel Mizzi
Pratyush Buddiga Simon Deadman Martin Finger Mike McDonald
Jacob Schindler Oliver Price George Danzer Andrew Chen
Russia France Italy Ukraine
Anatoly Filatov Erwann Pecheux Dario Sammartino Eugene Katchalov
Vladimir Troyanovskiy Benjamin Pollak Mustapha Kanit Oleksandr Gnatenko
Ivan Soshnikov Sylvain Loosli Andrea Dato Artem Metalidi
Vitaly Lunkin Fabrice Soulier Giuliano Bendinelli Oleksii Khoroshenin

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