Slot Machines

Slot machines include everything from the classical one armed bandit to todays advanced 3d video slots that feature special functions and hundreds of pay-lines. Slot machines are very popular among both players and casino operators. Among players they are enjoyed due to the fun and excitement they offer. For the casino operators they are well liked due to the stable and predictable income they generate. All slot machines offer the bank an edge. Exactly how big this edge is depends on the type of slot and the bet size. Slots that are made using someone else license such as movie and TV series slots always have a higher edge for the bank than other slots since the license owner as well as the casino want a part of the action. You should therefore stay away from these slots if you are looking for slots that have good odds but they are usually fun and exciting games so if you are playing for fun (which you should be if your playing slots, if you play to win there are other games with better odds) they can still be worth playing.

Slots with a progressive jackpot often gives the bank a bit higher edge as well but these machine can be well worth playing anyway if the bonus is big enough.

Generally speaking it should also be said that lower denomination slots usually offer the bank a bigger edge than machines of larger denomination. As an example can be mentioned that the lowest denomination machines on the strip in Las Vegas gives the bank an edge of almost 10% while the higher denomination machines only gives the bank a 1.5% edge. This is due to the fact that the machines need to pay for their floor space. This is mainly a concern in real casinos and only to a lesser degree in online casinos.

Slot machines are easy to play and although you might want to read the the pay table and see how the bonus games work they are all very quick to get started playing. You can be playing slots within minutes after registering in an online casino or after minutes after entering an casino even if you never played videoslots before. The concept of slots are easy since they are game of chance where you have very little affect on the game. Bonus games often allow you to make choices that affect the outcome of the game but it is not possible to make the right or wrong choice as random chance decides what is in each of the different alternatives. You decide how much you want to bet on each pay line and how many pay line you want to bet on. Once that is done you press the spin button and random chance decides the outcome of the game. It is even possible on many slots to have the game play itself once you decided the bet and number of rows. You can decide that it should auto play a certain number of spins. You can then lean back and watch the game being played in front of you.

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