Video Poker

Video poker is a game played on machines. The game is a digital version of regular draw poker. The game is available in a lot of different version such as jacks or better, deuces wild, joker poker and all American. The different version differ from each other in whether or not they use wild cards and how much different combinations pay. Video poker games are among the most favorable games in a casino for the player. Many versions offer the bank a very small edge and some full pay versions even offer the player an edge towards the bank if he plays the game optimally. These machines are however often mixed in with lower paying machines and can be hard to find in a casino. They are however well worth looking for. Take a look at to read more about casino- and poker portals where you can find good casinos and poker sites.

Power poker video poker

Today you can also play a number of other version of video poker that add extra features to the game such as level up video poker and power poker. Level up poker allow you to climb a level every time you win. For every level you climb your winnings are multiplied with an higher and higher multiple until you reach the final level which usually are level 4 that pays 8x the regular payout, If you loose you fall back down to level 1. Level up poker games pay less for winning combinations to compensate for the multiples on higher levels and offer the bank a higher edge than most regular video poker games.

Power poker games are games where you play more than one hand at the same time. Anything between 4 and 100 hands are common. Power poker offers a lot more action than regular video poker and it is possible to win or loose a lot more money in a short amount of time as well as in every hand as each of the hands are played using an unique deck of cards and with a separate bet. This means that one 100 hands power poker hand will turn over the same amount of money as 100 regular video poker hands. Power poker video poker also is a game of chance to a much higher degree than regular video poker as you do not have the same amount of freedom to control which cards are kept and which are discarded. This is due to the fact that you have one deciding hand that decides the action for all hand. This deciding hand is located on the bottom of the screen and whatever action you take on this hand is mirrored on all other hands. This mean that it is impossible to play each individual hand optimally and it also means that decision process become a lot more challenging as you will need to look at what is best for all hands. Not Just for one. This means that you might have to throw away cards you would normally keep in your deciding hand to try to improve other hands. Power poker is a fun game but will as earlier mentioned give the bank a bigger edge.

Video poker as well as full pay video poker that offer the players an edge is available in online casinos. Most online casinos offer at least a number of different video poker games. The biggest selection of video poker games will be found in casinos that are powered by software from microgaming. Micro gaming offer a lot more version than the other software developers and more different versions of each type. If you on the other hand only want to play one of the basic video poker games like jacks and better than any casino will do just as well.

Playing video poker does usually not count towards the wager requirement of the casino welcome bonus and if you only want to play video poker it is usually best to turn down the bonus when registering at a casino as your money otherwise might end up being locked for withdrawal until you meet the wager requirement playing other games.

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