World Series Of Poker APAC opening Event won by Luke Brabin

World Series Of Poker Asia-Pacific series debuted in 2014 with the $1100 Texas hold‘em event, which made the opening tournament the best option for amateurs and players with limited access to resources. The number of participants was expected to be high, but expectations were exceeded greatly and the participants knew from the very beginning that they had a difficult challenge ahead of them.

goingforIt took a total of four days for a winner to be decided and hundreds of players were eliminated in the process, with making a brief report about what happened throughout the event. The most interesting things occurred at the final table, with Luke Brabin emerging as the main favorite to win. The Australian had a significant stack and the support of the fans, not to mention that he was the more experienced of the nine finalists.

Day 3 saw the last players eliminated and the final table was set to begin the next day at noon, with a couple of players standing out from the crowd. Stephen Lindeblad was the chip leader at the end of day 2 and he caused the elimination of several poker professionals, which explains why he was always in the spotlight. At the final table, he had an average stack and encountered a lot of adversity, with the other finalists trying to lure him into traps.

He had no hesitations in getting involved in the hands and his strategy made several victims, with David Profaca and Piyush Gupta being eliminated shortly after losing a lot of chips to him. The remaining players suddenly turned more cautious, but Luke Brabin took charge and he eliminated two players of his own, with Daniel Murphy and Stephen Lindeblad being the victims.

Didier Guerin was the last man standing and it was clear that despite his slightly short stack, he wouldn’t go down without a fight. He did his very best to strike a crushing blow to Luke, but the leader held onto his advantage and won the 2014 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. More than AU$400,000 were split among the nine finalists, with the complete payout structure being this one below:

1 Luke Brabin $131,365
2 Didier Guerin $81,220
3 Daniel Murphy $59,334
4 Stephen Lindeblad $43,986
5 Ryan Hong $33,080
6 Zane Ly $25,234
7 Brian McAllister $19,521
8 Piyush Gupta $15,318
9 David Profaca $12,189

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